Your First Vape Pen

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The new benefits of CBDr Pen is by far the hottest new vaporizer and for good reason. You can now use your Vapes to make your own different flavors of vaporizers, e liquid and even your own custom blend of e liquid. Now you can experience all the flavor you like from your own personal Vaporizer Pen. Here’s how to really get it working for you.

First, you will need to know how you will be filling your Vaporizer Pen with wax. If you are using a Nicotine Drip Pen then you will need to purchase some extra wax. Some people have found it easier to just use the included adapters that are included with their Vaporizer Pen when filling. If that’s how you like to use your pens then go for it. Otherwise you will need to buy the normal refill cartridges from your local electronic store. These cartridges work just the same way as the ones included with your vaporizers.

Next, you must know how to load your Vape Pen. There are two ways to load your devices. The first way is through the normal thumb method and the second is through hand loading. If you are new to using devices like this then in my opinion you should stick with the thumb method. It’s less messy and much easier for new users.

Now you have to choose your favorite concentrate. I prefer to try different flavors every day until I find the perfect one. The flavors that you can get with the Vape Pen are endless. You can get fruit juices, chocolate concentrates, mints and so much more. As long as it is delicious your going to love it.

Now that you have your concentrate of choice you need to get your Vape Pen ready to use. To do this you simply need to take out your Vaporizer Pen and put the cartridge inside. When you have both of these parts together you can now turn on the power button on your Vape Pen. It’s that simple. You will receive a nice warm vapor from your device through the cartridge.

With your new Vape Pen you can enjoy all the benefits of these wonderful new devices without worrying about damaging anything. These vaporizers allow you to load your own concentrate with very little effort. When you want a small but powerful inhale all you have to do is take out your new Vaporizer Pen and your on your way to a flavorful experience.

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