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The impetus could be the result of a risk assessment, complaints or threats from users or activists, the sign of a growing security organization, or requests from top executives or the Board of Directors. Getting “egged” or “pied” in a public appearance is an insult that everyone can do without. But for some prominent principals, this is a risk that comes with the job. Executive protection can’t prevent every invasion of privacy, whether they come from within the company or without, but it can drastically limit their likelihood and thus provide the principal with better peace of mind. This blog is not meant to absolve any of the above from responsibility. Specialist EP providers, corporations, and other organizations with EP programs, and EP schools must all play their role in professionalizing the EP industry – including the implementation of more clearly defined career path planning.

It requires you to put yourself in harm’s way to ensure that others are protected. This skill is needed when working with unfamiliar places or people, which often happens in this career. A lack of dedication could affect your work, privacy, productivity, and safety. Executive Protection is a vital service to some of the most important people in society. Many security firms will prefer their Agents to have some sort of formal post-secondary education on their resume.

When our principals get to spend more time with key staff, major accounts and other stakeholders worldwide, it can make a difference. Your firewall or browser settings may be blocking your ability to submit online payments. If you experience payment problems, please try an alternative enrollment method. Once candidates join an organization, training is just as essential to retain them and help them develop.

The executive protection duties Institute is recognized as having created a new professional career field entitled Personal Protection Specialist. The Institute’s first school of training operated under the philosophy of protecting people. As such, they have trained young men and women looking for a career in the protective services. A recent trend has been and will continue to be the crossing over into this new profession of individuals who have been in the disciplines of medicine, law, computers, travel, and other related fields. The role of the Personal Protection Specialist is emerging as an interesting, rewarding, satisfying, and well paid professional career for the qualified. The term personal protection has now become a standard in the security industry and incorporated into statutes and job descriptions nationwide.

•Provide special protection of communication devices and selected meeting areas to prevent covert listening. •Keep a database of “persons of interest” or people with a past history of “reaching out” to executives either in person or via all forms of communication. This article provides a historical perspective in order to establish the foundation of one specialty area in the security profession, that of Personal Protection Specialist (P.P.S.). End-to-end governance, advisory and monitorship solutions to detect, mitigate and remediate security, legal, compliance and regulatory risk.

So, you will get to see it, but you might not have time off to explore it. Since driving is an essential part of the job, Agents will need to have a current and valid driver’s license to perform their duties. The security guard license is a baseline certification that may be required by an Executive Protection firm in order to be hired.

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